Panel-frame houses

Frame houses are often called the forerunners of wooden panel houses. The building technology of these houses is rather simple, because panels are manufacturing in closed premises. This ensures high quality of the panels and quick assembly.

Elements of the frame houses are produced from the certified C16 – C24 class soft wood. Primary construction phase is done in UAB “Irmus” factory. Thermal resistance and sound insulation of partitionsis meets the rules and regulations of technical requirements of Lithuanian Republic and Euro Code standards. UAB “Irmus” pays particular attention to ecological construction and optimization of construction process. Manufactured panels are transported to the building site, where our qualified employees assemble them on the foundation in 2-3 days on average.

UAB “Irmus” can complete your house, starting with the project and ending with the turn-key house. However, we can assemble only “box” leaving finishing jobs to the customer.

Technology of frame houses has been used in Western European countries and in Scandinavia for a long time. Today this method of building is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania.

Completed Projects

UAB Irmus implement projects - the Highest Quality of private and public buildings in Lithuania and Norway.